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Postmodern Jukebox tour dates!  Get tix here: http://tickets.turnupgroup.com/postmodernjukebox 

Guys, seriously check out this band.  They are new to Tumblr, so follow them!  You will not be disappointed.  I am seeing their show in Boston on June 4th.  I have honestly never seen a bigger group of super talented individuals!


Postmodern Jukebox tour dates!  Get tix here: http://tickets.turnupgroup.com/postmodernjukebox 

Guys, seriously check out this band.  They are new to Tumblr, so follow them!  You will not be disappointed.  I am seeing their show in Boston on June 4th.  I have honestly never seen a bigger group of super talented individuals!

Oof x 2. I hate Brock so much.

Oof x 2. I hate Brock so much.

Oof. Screw Brock.

Oof. Screw Brock.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Oh…you want a review?  GO SEE IT IT’S INCREDIBLE OMGWTFBBQ.  Any words I write cannot even begin to describe the utter awesomeness of this movie.  AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS.  A quarter of the theater left before the mid credits scene.  Marvel has been doing this for years, wtf is wrong with people????

My Review of Taco Bell’s Breakfast Menu

As you saw from my last blog, it’s been a rough week.  I wanted to do something light and funny, so here it is.  This morning I woke up very hungry, and being as my diet has gone out the window this week, I decided to do something different.  I remembered Taco Bell started offering breakfast, and I hopped online and checked my local store…lo and behold, breakfast was being served!  I threw on pants and headed down the road.  After perusing the menu and not being able to decide, I noticed everything was ridiculously cheap…so I ordered a variety of everything, and it still only came to $9.  Odd…I though…but hey, let’s sample this horrid falsehood of a Mexican breakfast.  Dios Mio! was I in for a ride!  What comes next will be a chronological trip through what I experienced.

1.) The AM Taco

For $1, I purchased an AM taco, which is pretty much bacon, egg, and cheese leftovers from whatever they cooked on the grill earlier.  The waste is then stuffed into a “tortilla” and pressed.  I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t bad, but they lost points for using bacon bits.  Honestly, even ::shudder:: Burger King uses real bacon.  Get with it Taco Bell.

2.) The Waffle Taco

I wish I had eaten this last, because this was by far the best part.  You can purchase the Waffle Taco with either bacon, or if you’re a communist, sausage.  I expected it to be a floppy mess, but it was not.  The waffle was crisped into the taco shape, and help the contents just fine.  Again, bacon bits…seriously…However, I must say, while I usually do not enjoy sweet with my salty, the waffle had a slight hint of sweetness to it, and it added much to the flavor.  Taco Bell does give you syrup packets for this item, but come on, that’s gross.  Don’t syrup up your bacon guys, it’s just wrong.  

3.) The Crunchwrap

I heard good things about this item.  I pulled it out of it’s wrapper and took a bite.  I don’t even know what’s going on in this thing.  There’s…egg, bacon, and what I believe was an off-color hashbrown?  But what really killed it for me was the “cheese” sauce.  It was spicy and sweet?  I don’t even know how that happens.  This item is an abomination of all things breakfast.  I took two bites and wrapped it back up.  Hopefully some poor animal will make it a meal in the landfill.  I hate wasting food, but this…this was just…unholy.

4.) Cinnabon Delights

After cleansing my palate of the atrocity that was the Crunchwrap, I remembered my meal came with desert.  The cinnabon delight is a baked ball of dough, covered in cinnamon and sugar and filled with Cinnabon frosting.  Or so I’m told.  I popped one in my mouth and it exploded with liquid hot magma.  How Taco Bell sullied the good name of Cinnabon is beyond me, but these taste nothing like Cinnamon or Bon.  The inner frosting does not taste like frosting, more of a vanilla mess.  Do not make the same mistake I did and take a bite of one and look inside.  Just one bite those things…seriously.  It looks like snot, and I’m being PG here people, use your imagination.

All in all my trashy breakfast meal wasn’t too bad, and for that price I cannot complain.  I wish the food was a little better as to contend with the breakfast fast food giant, McDonald’s.  Let’s be honest people, nothing compares to the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit.  That glorious algorithm or heavenly ingredients will always be my favorite.  If you’re feeling adventurous, and want to risk the morning runs, try out Taco Bell’s breakfast.  It will at least be an adventure. 

Someone get me a tissue and some hand sanitizer…

Loss of a Legend

I have to write something.  I wish this was under better circumstances.  The world lost a truly great man Sunday night.  Everyone says that when someone passes, but those words could not be any more true.  I know a lot of people who read my blog do not know me personally, but I ask that you keep reading, and I hope I can convey a shred of the utter magnitude of Keith Jeannotte.

I met my best friend, Rob in kindergarten, and shortly thereafter, I met his dad.  Mr. J, as we called him, was a mountain of a man.  War veteran, native american, lover of Christmas and truly a giant teddy bear.  Over the years, Mr. J watched us grow up.  He reveled in practical jokes and causing dissent among us.  He would sit back in his chair and let out his signature low, grumbly, laugh as Rob and I played Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis.  As I promptly got my ass handed to me, Mr. J laughed and laughed, and quoted me saying “No one ever beats me!”  I never lived that down.  Two weeks ago Mr. J told that story again, and it never got old.

Over the years Mr. J became dad.  He was always dad, to everyone.  Every group has that friend whose parents’ become everyone’s second parents.  Rob’s parents’ are just that.  Dad J, Cheify, Mr. J, etc etc was no less.  He helped guide us all through our teens, driving us around in his giant red truck, through college, and into adulthood.  His jokes never changed, and they never got old.  For the guys, he was always there with his iron handshake, ready to bring your hand within it’s breaking point, all the while smirking at you.  For the girls, he was always there with a compliment and his signature smile.  He would constantly play practical jokes on us all, grabbing the back of your knee when you walked by, punching you in the shoulder, or making you believe some crazy story only to laugh his ass off in the end at your gullibility.  

Rob’s house was the Mecca of our area.  Everyone met there, stayed there, and hung out there.  Be it just to watch a tv show, play video games, or just to talk.  Mr. J was always there, sitting in his chair, offering up sage advise, or wise ass sarcasm.  When word got out he passed, everyone I knew was affected in some way.  This one man touched more lives than I ever knew.  Even if you met him once, he left an unforgettable impression.  Mr. J is quoted daily, and will continue to be until we are all gone.  I have never met a man who opened his heart and his home to so many people, never judging, and always willing to help in some way.  Mr J told it like it is, if he didn’t agree with you, he would call bullshit, and argue to the end.  No matter his opinion, I just respected it.  This man deserved respect.  I was always humbled in his larger than life presence.  

His passing was a shock to us all.  The true patriarch of our group is gone.  I’m told he went in his sleep.  It’s the ultimate prank to me.  We joked that if he was going to go out, it would be fighting a pack of rabid bears, and only after he slayed them all would he fall.  But no, he went peacefully.  Over time, our group has spread all over the country, and as news spread, each one of them has reached out.  Whether you met him once or spent every day with him, he gave the same love and support to you.  Every time I begin to lose my grip, I think of him laughing and telling me to “shut the hell up, ya goddamn frenchman!”  and I laugh.  I smile, and I remember.  Stories of Mr. J will be told for years, and I hope those stories will be remembered and told after we are all long gone.  To say that this man is a legend is putting it lightly.  To us, he was the world.  A constant.  Now he is gone…and it still hasn’t sunk in.  I will mourn, but not too much, because I know he damn well wouldn’t want that.  Anything I write could never do him justice, I just hope he is looking down on us, smiling, and truly knows the positive impact he made on so many lives.  There has been far too much loss lately.  But I try and learn from my lost loved ones.  If I amount to half the man Keith Jeannotte was, I can truly call myself lucky.


Rest In Peace Dad

Pun of the night.

Pun of the night.

Lent, Loss…and Another L Word I Can’t Think Of…

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!  Ah, nothing like a preholiday that endorses obesity and pigging out.  So loosen that belt buckle and go to town.  Sadly, with the arrival of Fat Tuesday comes another thing…Lent.  Lent is a horrible time of year for me, as I usually give up bacon, and no meat on Fridays is pretty much the equivalent of Brad and Angelina giving up adopting African children.

Stick Around

This year, in lieu of giving up bacon, I will be giving up candy, as it is a serious vice of mine, and I often find myself vacuuming up entire movie theater boxes of Skittles and bags of Hershey Drops. (Damn the man that invented those, because seriously, it’s like Hershey Kisses without the damn wrapper!)  So here’s to a healthier, less sugary me.

What’re You Having?

Now, I’m going to stop you right there.  I know the “You know what I gave up for Lent? Religion!” jokes are coming, because people have zero sense of humor and trolls can’t come up with original material.  I am going to tell you why Lent is special to me, and if you still want to make fun of me, so be it.  I was raised loosely Catholic, but my grandmother was always very religious.  Not the obnoxious, “you’re going to hell for pooping” religious, but the religious you only see in movies.  The “I am so selfless, I am going to pray for everyone I know everyday, and love everyone I meet” type of religious.  She is and always will be the greatest person I have ever met.  I spent a better part of my childhood with her, and she loved me unconditionally and without pause, no matter how much of a little shit I was.

Any Excuse to Use This Picture…ANY

Late last year, I lost my grandmother.  It was by far the worst moment of my life, and I still refuse to really talk about it. (A fact I am sure my future psychiatrists will have a field day with).  I have always practiced Lent because of her, and also because I like to test my willpower.  I always like to prove I can do something.  I can’t call my Catholic, I can’t really call myself anything.  I believe in it all, to a point.  As my friend once put it - “You’re a bad Christian, and an even worse Pagan.”  I’ve never been one to settle, and I always will have my unanswered questions.  However, I always keep an open mind and am deeply spiritual.  I never criticize others for their beliefs, and I suggest you do the same. (Oh internet, you always prove me wrong!)

Just Like This, But With Less Genitalia…

This is the first Lent I have without my grandmother, and I will keep the tradition going.  I won’t have that phone call where we make the “I can’t believe you’re giving up bacon!” joke, or the phone call just to say hi. I won’t hear the story about when I was five and I cried and yelled because my grandfather only cooked half a pound of bacon and I wanted the whole thing.  I won’t have her to reassure me that everything in life will be okay, because God is looking out for me because she says a prayer for me everyday.  I won’t get to call her and argue about politics, or have her ask me if I’m dating anyone, or even talk about the hot Florida weather. Because there will never be another phone call.  But this will be my little piece of her that I will always have.  So that is why I practice Lent.  It could be crazy, but hey, whatever makes you feel good, right?

Everyday I’m Tumblin’ turned 2 today!

Everyday I’m Tumblin’ turned 2 today!